Yet more criticism of the Pro Bowl

Yet more criticism of the Pro Bowl

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who played in the Pro Bowl on Sunday, was critical of the effort given by some NFC players in the game, calling it an embarrassment and bemoaning the lack of pride.

We asked NBC Rodney Harrison and Tony Dungy about Rodgers criticism. They totally agreed with him.
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« I agree with Aaron Rodgers, » Jackson said. « And not just this past Sunday, but the way that the game has been headed. The last few years you have seen the Pro Bowl start to lose a little bit of its competitive edge. Maybe more than a little bit.

« They are almost mocking the game by the way they are playing it, » Jackson said.

Carter said the league has to find a way to restore the game authenticity.

« Where the NFL is from a product standpoint, they need to take some drastic measures, » Carter said. « I played in eight Pro Bowls. Every one I was selected for I played in. I felt that it was an honor. I felt that it was an obligation for me, for the fans, for my colleagues. And also, I a competitor.