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Hines Ward, an analyst for NBC’s « Football Night In America, » said Vikings receiver Greg Jennings would have been better off staying with the Packers, rather than signing for more money with the Vikings.

After the interview with Jennings aired before the Packers played the Vikings on NBC, Bob Costas asked analyst Hines Ward: « In Minnesota Greg Jennings gets not astronomically more money, but considerably more money. wholesale nfl jerseys from china Does it oversimplify it to say is that he taking money over legacy here? »

Ward said: « Yeah, he is. And it’s hard for me to feel sorry for Greg Jennings in the sense that he made the decision to come to Minnesota and face his former team two times a year. For me, if I was in that position, I’d want to be relevant. I’m going to take a little less money and continue to play with one of the greatest quarterbacks of our generation. Because you know with Aaron Rodgers you always have an opportunity to win a Super Bowl and you are going to be in the playoffs. And for Greg Jennings, there’s no more Old Spice commercials coming his way here in Minnesota. »

Ward said he was never interested in leaving the Steelers.

« The legacy itself I built in Pittsburgh, I would always want that to stay in Pittsburgh, » Ward said. « I think for Greg Jennings, he was better off staying in Green Bay. »