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I used to think I should not timestravel for more than a year, because I might get stuck in a time warp and not be able to make it back. But there was no good reason to think that, so I just sailed along, and now we are two months and ten days past the one year mark. I would probably not have continued much longer anyway, but I do have to stop, because my Times tenure is ending today. Timestraveling is incredibly fascinating, but it does take up a lot of, yes, time, and there are other things for which that entity, so finite in human terms, is essential.

I would like to thank everyone who made The TimesTraveler possible, especially Jim Schachter, Rob Larson, Kathleen McElroy, Jeremy Zilar, Eve Taylor, Steve Coates and Blake Wilson, and I would like to acknowledge as well my anonymous Times colleagues of 1908 and 1909, the copy editors who wrote all those fabulous headlines in the shapes of triangles and parallelograms.

Finally, I would like to thank all of my fellow timestravelers. I wish you all all good things, wherever you may go in the three ordinary dimensions or in the one we have shared. Bon voyage.

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Whatever credibility Dr. Frederick A. Cook claim to discovering the North Pole might still have seems to be obliterated today as The Times publishes the sworn testimony of two men who say they aided Cook in preparing fraudulent documentation of his expedition. Their reason for giving this information now, as the University of Copenhagen is about to rule on Cook data, is that Cook, the men say, has paid them only $260 of $4,000 promised them for their work. Fraudulent Observations Made for Dr. Cook Before His Records Went to Copenhagen; Sworn Testimony of the Men Who Made Them; Capt. Loose and George H. Dunkle Tell an Amazing Story of Their Work for the Professed Discoverer of the North Pole; He Needed Help; They Gave It; Dunkle, Introduced by Bradley, Cook Backer, Tells How He Delicately Led Up to the Bargain; Cook Was to Pay $4,000; Supplies of Books and Charts Bought, Capt.

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In his first annual message to Congress, President Taft emphasis was on American commercial interests, in particular his plans to enforce maximum tariffs only if necessary to support American trade and his anticipation of the opening of a Latin American bank by American financiers, but major omissions were noted. Absent from the message was reference or recommendation for amendment of the Sherman anti trust law, or the inter State commerce laws, and to the numerous schemes for conservation of natural resources that are coming up. Distinct promise is made for special messages on these subjects later, as also for a special message dealing with our relations with Nicaragua.canada goose jacket Taft Message In; Trade His Theme; Plans for Advancing Our Commerce the Dominant Note Will Avoid Tariff Wars; Home Questions Put Aside; Messages on Trusts, Railroads, and Conservation to Come Later Document a Contrast to Roosevelt Messages

Taft Message Asks Reforms; Reorganization in State and Military Departments and General Economy Sought; Broad Inquiry on Tariff; New Board Will Learn of Difference in Prices Tariff Wars Will Be Avoided; Wants No Sugar Inquiry; Action to Promote Civilized Government in Nicaragua Japanese Monopoly in Manchuria Not Shown

Taft Asks $5,000,000 to Endow Red Cross; He Is Sure Some One Is Going to be Born Who Will Give the Fund; Again Heads the Society; Presides at the Annual Meeting and Presents a Gold Medal to ex Ambassador Griscom

Secret Alliance on Railway Wages; Powerful Organizations of the Conductors and Trainmen Acting Together; Call for Increase on Jan. 3; Simultaneous Demand on Every Railroad in This Section with Plan to Enforce It If Rejected

Street Railways May Disintegrate; Stockholders Ready to Break Up Mergers If They Can Buy In City Tax Liens; Would Stop All Transfers; Appeal Against the Sale of Liens to be Made for the Third Avenue Line

City Weighers in the Sugar Frauds; Contract Clerk of American Sugar Co. Says They Made Short Returns for Years; Saving $800,000 in Duty; Attention Being Called to Discrepancies, the Bulk of Cargo Would Be Found Melted Down

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The Phenix Fire Insurance Company evaded state investigation for the past 17 years by bribing former officials of the New York State Insurance Department with the department superintendent, William H. Hotchkiss, says. Kept Phenix Fire Co. Hunter, $100,000 to Vanderpoel, $39,500 to James F. Pierce, and $61,000 to a Deputy; Jerome Is Asked to Act; George P.